Make Every Meeting Productive: Here’s Why You Need a Takeaway Plan

Meetings tend to get a bad reputation for being boring, unproductive, and a waste of time. But it doesn’t have to be that way! If done correctly, meetings can foster creativity, collaboration, and business growth. One way to make sure your meeting hits all the right notes is by having a Takeaway at the meeting (到會外賣). A takeaway plan refers to the list of action items and next steps that are decided upon in the meeting. In this article, we’ll discuss why having a takeaway plan is crucial for the success of any meeting.

Focuses on Clear Objectives

Nothing kills productivity like a meeting without a clear objective. A takeaway plan ensures that your meeting has a specific goal and a roadmap to reach it. Before the meeting, make a list of what you want to discuss or accomplish. During the meeting, break down the objective into smaller tasks to create an action plan. Once these tasks are done, you’ll have succeeded in reaching your goal.

Increases Accountability

Having a takeaway plan is an excellent way to ensure accountability. The action items listed will allow you to hold participants accountable for completing their assigned tasks. Before the meeting concludes, assign a task to each member, and make sure they agree to the deadline. This approach eliminates ambiguity and provides clarity, so everyone knows what’s expected of them.

Boosts Work Efficiency

By creating a takeaway plan, you cut down on wasted time and energy. Instead of repeating the same discussions, the takeaway plan serves as a reminder of the issues discussed in the meeting. This way, the participants won’t forget the agenda, and any necessary tasks will be complete. The takeaway plan also helps the team focus on collective goals, streamlining their efforts, and therefore making the work efficiency better.

Keeps the Team on the Same Page

A takeaway plan ensures that the team is on the same page, and everybody understands what they are supposed to do. It should be written down and distributed among all the members, so everyone has a clear understanding of the meeting outcomes. The takeaway list also allows everyone to contribute to the team’s success.

Facilitates Follow-Up Meetings

In most cases, follow-up meetings are necessary to ensure that everyone is on the right track. A takeaway plan helps to plan future meetings and provides a roadmap for progress. During follow-up meetings, members can assess what has been achieved and what still needs to be done and update the takeaway plan accordingly.


In every meeting, the end goal is to achieve a desired outcome. The takeaway plan provides a clear pathway towards this outcome. Without it, a meeting becomes pointless, and participants may lose interest. By having a takeaway plan, you make your meeting more constructive, efficient, and productive. It’s time to say goodbye to disorganized meetings, wasted time, and frustrated employees. Invest in a takeaway plan and revolutionize the way you run meetings. Remember: Productivity is not about doing more; it’s about getting things done right.

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