Everything you need to know about Car Hire at Corfu Port

You’ve arrived at the beautiful island of Corfu, ready to explore everything it has to offer. But the question is, how do you get around? Car hire is a popular choice for those who want to have the freedom to explore at their own pace, and Corfu Port is the perfect place to start. In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about hiring a car hire corfu port, including the benefits of car hire, the types of cars available, and tips for safe and stress-free driving.

Benefits of Car Hire at Corfu Port:

Car hire is a popular choice for many tourists visiting Corfu due to its flexibility and convenience. Hiring a car at Corfu Port means you can explore the island right from the moment you arrive. This is an excellent option for those who want to enjoy the island at their own pace. Plus, it beats the hassle of public transportation. With a hired car, you can explore Corfu’s picturesque villages and beaches without worrying about schedules or last-minute travel changes.

Types of Cars Available for Hire at Corfu Port:

Corfu Port offers a wide range of cars available for hire, from a small city car to a spacious SUV or family minivan. It all depends on your needs and preferences. It’s important to pick the right car that suits your trip. For those traveling solo or in pairs, a small city car is sufficient. Families with kids or a group of friends would benefit more from a larger car with plenty of space for everyone.

Tips for Safe and Stress-free Driving in Corfu:

Driving in a foreign country can be daunting, but with the right preparation, you will have a safe and enjoyable driving experience. First of all, familiarize yourself with the road code of the country. Secondly, it’s important to drive defensively in Greece, as locals can often drive a bit recklessly. Lastly, try to avoid driving during peak traffic hours to minimize stress and enjoy the journey more.

Car Hire Costs:

The cost of car hire varies depending on the type of car you choose and the length of rental period. Generally, car hire at Corfu Port is affordable, and it’s possible to rent a small city car for as little as €20 per day. But the price may vary depending on the season you plan to visit Corfu.

Booking in Advance:

Booking a car in advance saves a tremendous amount of time and energy. When you pre-book your car online, you’ll find the best deals, and you can also avoid the inconvenience of finding suitable cars on arrival. Moreover, advanced booking gives you peace of mind that the car would be ready when you land.


Car hire in Corfu Port is a fantastic way to explore the beautiful island of Corfu. It’s flexible, affordable, and offers a significant amount of freedom for travelers. By following these tips and guidelines, you’re sure to have a safe and enjoyable driving experience. Start exploring with your hired car from Corfu Port today and experience the best of what this beautiful island has to offer. Happy travelling!

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