Reasons Why You Should Not Buy YouTube Subscribers

Starting a YouTube channel requires effort, commitment, and patience to build a loyal following. The success of a channel is primarily measured by the number of subscribers and views. However, some people are desperate to grow their following, leading them to buy youtube subscribers. While this is a tempting option, we advise against buying subscribers. Read on to find out why it might not be the best option for your channel.

Fake Subscribers

Most websites that sell subscribers have fake accounts that add no value to your channel. These accounts do not engage with your content and are only there to show a high subscriber count. Genuine subscribers are loyal viewers who enjoy your content and provide feedback through comments and likes. Buying subscribers adds no value to your channel’s growth if they are not interested in your content.

Violating YouTube Policies

Buying subscribers is against YouTube’s Terms of Service, which indicates that any account that violates these rules will be suspended or permanently banned. YouTube algorithms are sophisticated enough to detect fake subscribers, and hence buying them can negatively affect your channel’s credibility.

Decreased Engagement

Buying subscribers may increase the number of subscribers on your channel but can significantly decrease the engagement level. Engagement is essential to the growth of any channel, and when you buy subscribers, you only get empty numbers that do not interact or engage with your content. This will harm the metrics that YouTube uses to rank videos.

Wasted Money

Buying subscribers can be expensive and not worth the value. In a nutshell, you are paying for something that does not matter and will only harm your channel in the long run. Instead of spending money on fake subscribers, consider investing in quality content to grow an engaged audience genuinely.

Damaged Credibility

Credibility is central to the growth and success of a YouTube channel. Buying subscribers can seriously damage your credibility as a creator and undermine the integrity of your content. To grow authentically, you must focus on generating the right content and organically growing your audience. Your current subscribers will always be suspicious if there is a sudden spike in your subscriber count, which can negatively impact brand deals or collaborations.


The growth of a YouTube channel takes time, effort, and dedication. Buying subscribers is a shortcut that can seriously harm your channel’s growth and credibility. Instead, be patient, produce quality content, and engage with your audience authentically. Remember, the number of subscribers is not what solely determines the success of your channel.

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